Glass Balustrading

To keep up with modern interior design styles, glass balustrades are an excellent way of adding elegance and light to any home or business. By using glass as an alternative to spindles in a staircase creates a light and a modern feel. It looks slick and crisp particularly when combined with an oak or natural wood stair case, with or without a handrail.

We can fit glass into an existing wooden staircase's or alternatively fix the glass straight into the strings of stairs without a handrail making it free standing.

We offer a service to do the carpentry work along side glass work and use 10mm toughened glass with chrome clamps when using a handrail.

As another option you can create framed effect were the glass sits into a groove top and bottom with a 20mm gap at either end. If there is no handrail then 17.5mm toughened laminated glass will be used.


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