Kitchen Splashbacks

Coloured Glass Splashbacks are an elegant alternative to tiles in both the kitchen and bathroom. Our Coloured Glass Splashbacks come in any shape and size custom-cut to suit any aperture. The choice is also limitless with any colour available, also any high resolution picture can be printed onto the glass which makes for great wall art. Our sprayers are also designers who boast a large collection of designer luxury glass projects which makes for a dramatic impression in any kitchen.

Always open to new design ideas so the choice is endless, our qualified workman will work with you to ensure your design meets your requirements. Coloured Glass Splash Backs are also extremely durable and low maintenance compared to tiles which have grout between each tile that discolours over time and is hard to clean.

Coloured Glass Splashbacks are highly sanitary with such a smooth surface there isn’t a better surface for a bacteria free area.

Whether you’re looking to bring your old kitchen to life or have recently updated the look of your home but are missing that something special in your kitchen or bathroom, Coloured Glass Splashbacks are the way to go.

MandM Glass pride themselves on being extremely competitive priced so you will not be disappointed.


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